The responsible gamgling defines the company principles related with the responsability of Triple Cherry on promoting healthy and fair gaming and gambling practises.



Gaming is able of providing people with a way to improve their social and emotional well-being, as it enriches their environment and provides benefits that affect their professional and personal relationships. It is not, therefore, a way to get rid of financial or emotional problems.

Most of the adult population enjoy the game in a safe, fun and controlled environment as one more element of their leisure activities. However, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a minority of users who, due to various factors, have difficulties in interacting with gambling in a responsible way*. Being aware that, behind the statistics, there are situations that affect human beings, it is essential for Triple Cherry to support these people by promoting of a Responsible Gaming culture that encourages the proper use of this activity, and providing the necessary elements to detect and evaluate possible problems.

Our Company is a firm defender that our activity is sustainable only if the context in which it takes place is healthy and controlled environment. In addition to the regular preventive and active actions that Triple Cherry performs in favor of Responsible Gaming, Tour company follows and complies with the guidelines set by the public administrations of every country in which we operate, which are the ones who draw guidelines for action that promote Responsible Gaming. The Spanish regulation is the first to claim and apply the necessary protection measures for those groups that are most vulnerable to possible misuse of the game, as well as to harmful practices that occur in our industry. In this sense, Triple Cherry encourages and participates in plans that fight against illegal gambling and against those that do not comply with the sector’s own regulations regarding Responsible Gaming, in addition to promoting electronic security measures thanks to a certified gaming system and software.

*The latest report from the DGOJ of the Ministry of Finance indicates that in Spain there are 0.3% of cases of pathologies associated with gambling, the same rate as in other countries such as Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.


Application’s scope

The policy is applicable to all internal and external personnel, partners and users.



The objective is to promote responsible gambling and to comply with the regulations of several countries in order to operate in regulated countries, to avoid administrative restrictions on the organization and / or employees who incur liability as a result of non-compliance, and to garant a healthy gaming environment for users.



1. Responsible Gaming Culture

As software developers and providers in a regulated sector that creates high rates of employability and contributes more than €500 million in contributions and taxes payment in the countries in which it operates, Triple Cherry maintains a firm commitment to society, since it understands people beyond their client or consumer role. For this reason, Triple Cherry protects its players and is attentive to the risks that may be associated with the immoderate practice of gambling, such as addictions or excesses in the values ​​bet and playing time.

For Triple Cherry it is essential to generate a culture of prevention and training that creates awareness around possible gambling disorders. In this sense, our company works to promote campaigns and preventive actions that motivate customers to take a measured attitude towards gambling. Likewise, Triple Cherry provides technical and confugrable mechanisms for users to see leisure as fun that can be shared with friends and family, without the need for this triggers inconveniences in the economic or personal sphere.

An example is found in the configuration of our games in various markets, where the game time or the loss and bet limits can be adjusted so that players can control the gaming experience without exceeding certain limits.

Finally,, Triple Cherry is studying mechanisms to get involved in associations and alliances that allow players to make visible the negative effects of gambling addiction and, in turn, generate a culture of prevention and training that creates awareness around gambling disorder.

2. Principles of action of a Responsible Gaming Culture

2.1. Detecting vulnerable situations

In a pedagogical way, Triple Cherry always informs its clients of the consequences that can occur from misusing the recreational environment. It also provides various resources to those who need support. In this sense, Our company conducts its performance with the following actions:

• INTERNAL (dependent on Triple Cherry’s business commitment and disseminated through the organization’s internal and external communication channels):

– Detection systems of possible problematic cases in the establishments of game.

– Development of internal awareness training courses of various formats for all employees:

– Continuous / specific training: linked to the technical role of each person.

– Smart Pills: brief and group training.

– Security: implementation of controls and training to guarantee and certify the security of the information of our activity and of our users / partners.

– Languages: continuous training in English or Spanish in order to provide better service, provide better customer service and make it easier for the team to understand users and operators from different origins.

– Information to users of the principles and application of the Responsible Gaming criteria. By way of example, in our games there are never messages that encourage you to continue playing or increase the bet values.

– Promotion of specific prevention plans, designed for each type and environment of game. These include regulated betting, not offering credit under any circumstances, not allowing access to minors, self-exclusion programs, etc.

– Support for the investigation of possible anomalous behaviors and harmful effects.

– Certified RNG in all our games assuring a complete fair game experience.

• EXTERNAL (depending on the regulations of each jurisdiction in which Triple Cherry operates):

– Active collaboration between the Company and the Administration in promoting prevention and social awareness programs.

– Promotion of specific actions depending on the severity of the problem detected.

– We work with operators that promote self-exclusion, whose voluntary registration prevents the player from accessing the activity.

– We only work with operators that comply with the regulations and that in turn apply a safe gambling policy, granting guarantees to users and players of their platforms.



All the operators and users of the applications that 3cherry uses are responsible for complying with this policy.

Triple Cherry is responsible of promoting responsible gambling practises but the company is not responsible of changes made on the platforms and operators that seliver our products without our consent or without notice,

The operator and or platform will be responsible of any irregularity in their own website / software / platform.


Key Results

Compliance with this policy upgrades the social responsability performed by Triple Cherry, and garanties the production of gaming activities that are safe and healthy for every user.