Big Papa's Burger

The Spanish casino games provider, Triple Cherry, is pleased to announce the launch of the month: “Big Papa’s Burger”, which is now available!

The game’s Return to Player (RTP) is stated as 95.52% and his geometry is 3X4X4X4X3.

In this game, players will join Barry in his Food Truck as he prepares burgers for customers. The objective is to match burgers or other dishes to fulfill client orders and earn unique prizes. Additionally, completing certain combinations of ingredients can lead to extra rewards and access to the free spins bonus phase.

Overall, “Big Papa’s Burger” appears to offer a unique theme and gameplay mechanics, combining the excitement of casino slots with the fun of completing a goal of preparing tasty burgers. If you enjoy video slots with engaging features, this game might be worth a try!

So, what are you waiting to help Barry with his Food Truck? 

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